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East Coast Wings

East Coast Wings


East Coast Wings, who at the time was represented by a construction management company, enlisted Bluetree to assist with the rollout of a new prototype design. The design called for an industrial look with a warm, welcoming feel, and a variety of seating options, which was a purposeful shift away from the sports bar niche. The intent was to appeal to multiple demographics, yet remain relevant to their existing patrons. In the early stages of rollout, East Coast Wings and the construction management company decided to part ways.


Having successfully completed a couple of projects for them, Bluetree had laid the groundwork for a solid relationship with both East Coast Wings Corporate and their preferred general contractor.

Through quality products, timely delivery, good communication & excellent customer service, we were invited to partner with their preferred general contractor to continue the rollout of their millwork package.


East Coast Wings named Bluetree their preferred millwork provider.

2201 Messanie St., St Joseph, MO 64501
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